Introducing Avenues

Our Fertility Services

Team Avenues is committed to providing personalised care and guidance that respects the uniqueness of your fertility journey, helping you to make confident decisions.

AI Enhanced Precision

Our experienced Avenues lab team leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the precision and accuracy of Avenues reproductive health assessments. Our advanced AI driven technologies allow us to meticulously evaluate the uniqueness of every patient, follicle, sperm, uterus, and testicle.

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Your data in your hands

All patients have access to their own personalised information and treatment plans live on their smartphone. Unprecedented access with unprecedented control combined with direct communication linking you to your personal Avenues Support Team, all built right into our app.

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Donation Station

Enhance your reproductive journey with our expert partnerships! We collaborate with top sperm and egg banks to provide personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Achieve the best possible outcomes with our dedicated support and comprehensive resources.

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Inclusive Family Building

At Avenues, we honour and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Whether this is providing unwavering support for patients choosing single parenthood or embracing individuals from the LGBTQI+ community, Avenues is dedicated to inclusivity and personalized care for everyone.

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Fertility Preservation with tMRW

Freezing your eggs, embryos, and sperm offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can pursue parenthood when you are ready. By preserving your reproductive cells at their current age, you ensure they maintain their quality over time. Avenues is proud to be the first UK clinic to be fully live and operational with the TMRW Robot, enhancing the safety and precision of our cryopreservation process.

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with you through every step

Here at Avenues, we recognize that reproductive challenges can significantly affect your overall wellbeing and mental health. That is why we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Through our Avenues network, we can help connect you with expert counselling, fitness and wellness programs, and acupuncture treatments, ensuring you receive holistic care throughout your journey.

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