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Team Avenues understands how challenges with fertility can have an impact on one's wellbeing and mental health, which is why we will support you at every step of your journey - from fitness and wellbeing, counselling, acupuncture, and holistic approach making sure you know we're on this journey together and you have a whole team of people rooting for you Our expert team will suggest lifestyle adjustment to aid your fertility as appropriate, such as engaging in stress-reducing activities, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking, alcohol, eating healthier, even wearing loose-fitting clothing and avoiding hot tubs where sperm morphology is a concern.

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Our fertility specialists will review your recent and previous test results, your personal, family and medical history, and recommend treatment most likely to produce great results for you. Whether it's advanced procedures like IUI, IVF or ICSI, you can rest assured it will be tailored uniquely to you and your specific circumstance, and delivered in a way that reassures you and gives you solid reasons to hope.

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Dedicated emotional support will be available to you throughout your journey to parenthood, and where donor eggs or sperm are used implication counselling will be mandatory. In this emotionally challenged journey full of ups and downs, we will have your back every step of the way.


There is no hard evidence that acupuncture aids in fertility, but many people swear by it. It is believed that besides reducing stress and anxiety it helps with improving sperm count and motility, increasing blood flow to uterus and testis, normalises hormone production, and decreases change of miscarriage and inflammation that may be causing infertility.

Fitness and Wellness

Many of our patients are mindful of their fitness and how it might affect their chances of getting pregnancy, which is why our expect team is ready to advise you on exercise, dieting and supplements which might aid your journey to parenthood.

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