Dr. Cristina Hickman

Founder and Clinic Director

With 24 years of experience as a researcher & embryologist, Dr. Hickman has transformed the landscape of fertility care. As a clinical embryologist and lab director, Dr.Hickman oversaw operations at the two largest group of fertility clinics in the UK: Care Fertility and The Fertility Partnership, but also in international locations like the Caribbean and Saudi Arabia.‍Driven by her passion for innovation, Dr.Hickman established Boston Place Clinic, the world's first Time-Lapse technology-designed clinic, and founded Aria Fertility, the first fully digitised clinic, and Avenues, the first IVF clinic to fully integrate fully digitalised AI technologies for enhanced patient care and patient experience, setting new standards for the IVF industry. In these roles, she took on multiple leadership and operational responsibilities as a member of the Board, as the lead embryologist, lead procurement for both clinical and non clinical, Person Responsible, Science Director, Data Protection Officer, and Risk Officer.

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